Collection is not only aimed to be warn, it’s meant to become a part of your identity instead

BEHIND JULIA JANUSInterview with Renate Pukis

The latest Julia Janus spring/summer collection ‘Timeless’ reveals a frozen moment, human body motion explorations and flowy objects. The main concept of a collection is time being turned into modern luxury. ‘Timeless’ is a subtle mixture of indifferent meanings, an everlasting and time lacking existence. Naturally, creative process brought to light another sketch – a jewellery collection. A unique collection with city elements and colours of nature was complemented with a subtle touch of precious silver. This time, Julia Janus collaborated with a jeweller Renate Pukis. ‘I like experiments’ – said jeweller when talking about unique collaboration of two native contemporary designers. 

Could you please, briefly describe your work character as a designer? Tell us about your native background, work achievements and present pursuits?

I was born in Kretinga, later on I moved to Germany with my whole family. In 2006 I graduated from “Peter Behrens School of Arts” and became a professional jeweller and product designer. I was awarded by prize in a ‘Nachlux’ competition while still studying. 

Currently, I live in a very popular winery region Rheinland-Pfalz with my husband and children. You can see my designs in various exhibitions in Estonia, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany and Lithuania. 

 How did you come up with an idea to collaborate with Julia Janus? Was it challenging to be a part of a creative team for another Baltic brand? 

I was on holidays together with my family while searching for opportunities and new galleries to exhibit my designs. Unfortunately, my creations seemed too artistic and not conservative enough, however they suggested me to contact Julia. I decided to visit Julia’s boutique in Stikliu street and leave my catalogue before I left back to Germany. It took a week for Julia to get back to me saying she really liked my work, this is how our collaboration began. I am very happy about this decision as I was really missing Lithuania and I always aimed to have stronger bond with my home country. 

How was your, as a freelance designer, creative experience while working with a brand with such a strong identity and an expressive originality? 

Since the very beginning Julia has made a big impression, her designs, life style was very appealing for me. Her creative process is fun, effective and highly professional, communication was very clear. ‘Julia Janus’ is a concept of an authenticity, which is why it was easy and pleasant to collaborate with Julia. 

What inspires you? 

When I was a little girl while still living in Lithuania, I always used to play in nature and forests, I used to draw and play with grass, bushes, flowers and clay constructing anything I could imagine. Later on, when I was already living in Germany, I used to draw paintings, make jewelleries using wood, plastic and foil. Even though my parents were talented artists they advised me not to choose the field but I still became a designer, I think it was fate. I now understand that you have to listen to your inner voice and follow your path.

Please tell us more about materials and shapes you used in your collection. How are they exclusive, how does it reveal values of ‘Julia Janus’ as a brand? 

I get the most satisfaction from a creative process itself: search of materials, shapes and ways to design. But I like painting even more. I like experimenting. The latest collection is all about a set out and presentation of twigs. I always try and create my collections based on wabi-sabi philosophy: I like reducing everything to the essence but still leave the poetry. As usual for Julia Janus, jewellery collection was created using precious silver. Collection is not only aimed to be warn, it’s meant to become a part of your identity instead.

Would you like to collaborate with Julia Janus for another unique project?

It would be truly fun. I hope our paths will cross again some time and unite our ideas together. I think Julia and mine philosophies are similar and even our souls are related. 

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