Julia Janus is a fashion and lifestyle brand for grown up women and men. Our designs are flexible, suitable for different body shape and always have modern urban touch.

We believe that style has no size or age. And that beauty arrives at the moment you decide to be yourself.

Our fashion is for those who are free, unrestricted city souls.

We create unique clothing, leather goods and accessories, jewelry, and interior tableware for everyday use, all relevant items to the rhythm of the 21st century.

We present our fashion collections in a stylized kitchen dining atmosphere. We are captured by the food culture of the North, and are involved with the most famous food chefs in those countries. Synergy and cultural bridges are found between fashion and food, and together, we publish lifestyle books, blogs among other media channels.

We collaborate with talented jewelers, designers, ceramic artists, glass artists, writers and musicians, and are always looking for new perspectives and advanced product development.

Currently, we have our five concept stores in Lithuania, a successful franchise in Ukraine (two stores), retail spots in United Kingdom, Germany, Russian Federation, Latvia, Kazakhstan, as well as an online store. We have agents and showrooms in Dusseldorf (Germany), Athens (Greece) and Shanghai (China).


Cultural platform

We collaborate with different artists and product developers to improve our design and to create elements of the all-encompassing lifestyle of a modern human being. This process is key to our way of conducting business and developing our distinctive integrated cultural platform, where fashion meets pottery, woodcarving, textile design, jewelry, glass art, and modern gastronomy.


We’re looking forward to collaborate with various artists. If you’re a creative person and have an amazing idea how we could work together, don’t hesitate to contact us.

fashion & Food

Since fashion and food are two inextricably linked elements of the creative lifestyle, we started to collaborate with innovative chefs from Nordic countries to create our look-cook-book, Fashion & Food. The book is a perfect visual synergy of outfits and dishes.
This interdisciplinary project is our seasonal publication where two tastes - fashion and food - reflect the lifestyle of Baltic cultures.

baltic Sounds

Another important element of everyday life is music. In collaboration with music producer and DJ GeraiGerai, we have created a special soundtrack - Baltic Sounds | Organic Geometry. GeraiGerai integrates the sounds of the Baltic region, such as rain, conversations, wind, noisy streets and markets with the sound of modern electronic music. A copy of this CD with its unique soundtrack is available for purchase at all Julia Janus Concept Stores.

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