Style has no limits

 My size has always been an average 14 – 16 or L. When I was looking for something modern or minimalistic, I would come across an answer “We do not have your size”. I have never thought to look at plus size clothing shops, because they do not have clothes for my style. Maybe for my grandmother but definitely not for me.

Then I started to feel the discrimination for body shape and demand for medium-sized fashion. I have learnt that 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 are the perfect sizes for women’s physique. And for men – L, XL, XXL. This is when I decided to create the minimalistic Baltic fashion for people like me.

 Julija Janus – a fashion designer and founder of JULIA JANUS platform. After the graduation from Vilnius Academy of Arts, she built a small bespoke fashion studio and created individual clothes for more than 10 years. At the same time, she was working with various fashion brands from Lithuania, Denmark, Canada and was making ready-to-wear clothing collections.

 JULIJA JANUS brand was established in 2008.It is about body positivity with a focus on the high variety of sizes and minimalistic, Baltic style.However, the traditional fashion industry did not want to accept the new idea of the brand. They have tried to label it as a plus size fashion.

 Julija realized that she discovered a new niche and created a platform in 2017 with the idea to unite the designers and brands from Baltic Sea Region who are trying to go on a non-discrimination path: to liberate people from imposed size censorship. The goal is to allow the feeling of style and modernity for those who are disappointed with the current supply and can only find clothes occasionally or tailored individually.


Cultural platform

We collaborate with different artists and product developers to improve our design and to create elements of the all-encompassing lifestyle of a modern human being. This process is key to our way of conducting business and developing our distinctive integrated cultural platform, where fashion meets pottery, woodcarving, textile design, jewelry, glass art, and modern gastronomy.


JULIA JANUS multi-brand platform is open to all brands which create minimalistic, Baltic and modern clothing in the extended size range from XXXL to S. For possible collaboration please contact We will take care of you – we want to offer you our resources and our knowledge in order to create a value together for our customers of 10 years. #stylehasnolimist

fashion & Food

Since fashion and food are two inextricably linked elements of the creative lifestyle, we started to collaborate with innovative chefs from Nordic countries to create our look-cook-book, Fashion & Food. The book is a perfect visual synergy of outfits and dishes.
This interdisciplinary project is our seasonal publication where two tastes - fashion and food - reflect the lifestyle of Baltic cultures.

baltic Sounds

Another important element of everyday life is music. In collaboration with music producer and DJ GeraiGerai, we have created a special soundtrack - Baltic Sounds | Organic Geometry. GeraiGerai integrates the sounds of the Baltic region, such as rain, conversations, wind, noisy streets and markets with the sound of modern electronic music. A copy of this CD with its unique soundtrack is available for purchase at all Julia Janus Concept Stores.

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