Cultural startup “Secret Love”

Neither more nor less – SECRET LOVE is my pride and a dear activity to my heart. It arose from several realizations that in turn came from creative placemaking activities in Vilnius Old Town. Thus:

1. The story of Barbara Radziwiłł and Sigismund Augustus in Vilnius is the oldest and most widely known story in Vilnius and Lithuania.
2. When utilized correctly, this story provides numerous opportunities for businesses, hospitality, and beauty industries, linking their success to gifts, gastronomy, home and personal accessories, tourism, and visitor attraction. (And not only in Vilnius)

What has been done?
I have met a mass of like-minded, wonderful people with whom collaboration has started and continues. The platform SECRET LOVE has been created, and new products have been launched or are still being developed in collaboration with:

● Confectionery factory “Rūta”
● Home textiles brand “DecoFlux”
● Jewelry house “Ribasjewellery”
● Ceramics studio “Mr Bowl”
● Ceramics brand “Ceramic Heart”
● Glass artist Remigijus Kriukas
● Publishing house VAGA
● Fashion accessories and home decor brand “Pitex”
● Textile printing brand “Art-on”
● Candle and home fragrance brand “Candle Family”
● Socks brand “Spalvotos kojinės”
● Reproduction manufacturer “Luxart”
● Gingerbread bakery “Meduolių namai”

The list will be continued.

I invite everyone who resonates with this story to get in touch for future collaborations.