I already have three “matured” lectures in my portfolio:

1. Julia Janus Brand History and Lessons (Duration: 2-3 hours)
– The history of the Julia Janus brand, one of the most prominent phenomena in Lithuanian fashion design and industry from 2008 to 2018, can be useful for anyone starting or developing their own design brand and aspiring to become international brands. Some interesting facts:
– Julia Janus did not need to follow trends – the brand itself created them. For this reason, the designs have not become outdated even now, four years after the brand’s operations were paused.
– Julia Janus continues to create, but in a much more sustainable way.

2. City at Eye Level (Duration: 3-6 hours)
– Creative placemaking workshops developed from knowledge gained while studying place branding and marketing, and practically developing place brands and communication strategies and practices. These workshops are most beneficial for those who, as stakeholders of a place (municipal organizations, community groups based on territory, real estate developers), want to start a dialogue with neighbors, find a unique identity, and develop a suitable strategy for transforming a space into a desired place, attracting investors, visitors, and residents.

3. Secret Love – The Significance and Opportunities of the Story of Barbora Radvilaitė and Sigismund Augustus in the Modern Lithuanian Tourism Field
– The most famous Renaissance love story in our folklore is known not only to us. What led to the popularity of this myth? Why and how can it become a growth and success story for the entire country’s tourism? In the lecture, I answer these questions and support my ideas with examples of works and comparisons with global best practices to reveal incredible opportunities for the tourism business and creativity.

Lecture fees range from 500 to 1500 euros.