Practice and workshops

I often accept those who want to learn, with the essential condition being that they dedicate at least three months to this activity.

I am looking for talents to create visions of Vilnius Old Town in the fields of creative placemaking, marketing, design, exhibition curation, art gallery management, community work, and NGO activities. With some of the trainees, I continue working partnerships after the training.

From the practice, one takes away collaboration skills, new friendships, pride in the work created together, and ideas for the future.

If you are studying marketing, design, business management, art management, art history, communications, politics, or similar subjects and think you want to do an internship in Vilnius Old Town or my studio, welcome. Write to explaining what motivates you to want such an internship, and I will see when and if I can accept you and will respond.

I am also open to workshops in higher education institutions for design and/or technology students, exploring a chosen topic and creating a joint work together.