Three plus one (3+1)

The title “Three + One” indicates that the fashion in this capsule is a reflection of the artistic field of three paintings and one sculpture. The paintings “And Only Sparks Will Fly”, “Living Water”, “Secret Thought” and plus one sculpture “Green Light”, which is at the same time an old mannequin torso from the first period of Julia Janus’ fashion. After the closure of the shops, the torso remained unsold due to a broken neck. So it was turned into a painting, a sculpture, which I called “Green Light”. I transferred a fragment of each work into the printing of clothes, the colours of the clothes coming from the colours of the paintings.

“The creation and production of the “Three + One” capsule brings together three strong partners, well-known fashion brands “Art-on“, “Due.” and “Julia Janus”.

“Due.” transfers paintings onto a tampon pattern. “Art-on“ on T-shirts, dresses and jumpers, helps to realise all the outerwear patterns of this capsule. The partners sell the capsule products in their e-shops.