Reproduction of the full-length portrait of Barbora Radvilaitė and Zygmunt Augustus

150 €
Pirkti @ Luxart
  • Description

    A reproduction of the full-length portrait of Zygmunt Augustus and Barbora Radvilaitė by one of the most famous contemporary Lithuanian painters, Miglė Kosinskaitė.

    While painting the picture, Miglė imagined the scene where Zygmunt Augustus, overcoming his fear of his mother, who refused to recognize Barbara as his wife, and with the entire court and nobles against them, presents his chosen one, his beloved woman, and future queen to the public. Therefore, Miglė’s portrayal of Zygmunt is tense, resolute, and shows that the final decision is solely his. Barbara is portrayed as if already victorious, but still somewhat afraid because everyone is against her.

    LUXART reproductions of paintings are only of the highest quality print on the best canvas, which is stretched over a wooden frame, lacquered, and ready for hanging. When purchasing a reproduction, you will also receive a certificate of authenticity.

    Available in 6 different sizes:

    75 x 60 cm, 150 €
    90 x 70 cm. 210 €
    110 x 90 cm. 275 €
    125 x 100 cm. 345 €
    120 x 150 cm. 495 €
    130 x 170 cm. 550 €