Sweets “Pearls of Queen Barbora”

7.5 €
Pirkti @ Šokolado fabrikas „Rūta“
  • Description

    Pearls of Queen Barbora – these are hazelnuts in white chocolate with oranges and sea salt.

    The sweets are part of a design collection dedicated to the most famous love story of the Vilnius Royal Couple. The exclusive sweets and the packaging have been created in cooperation with artist Julija Janus. Find the entire collection at www.slaptameile.lt.

    Wrapped in white chocolate, hazelnuts are like pearls with which Sigismund Augustus pampered the love of his life every day: he adorned her with pearl necklaces that even the Queen of England envied.

    The external resemblance of these dragées to pearls is amazing, and the oranges that give a unique taste and sea salt were chosen knowing the passion of Barbara Radziwiłł, the Grand Duchess of Lithuania and the Queen of Poland, for exotic fruits and gourmet flavours. This product, like the royal love story, leaves no one indifferent.