I wanted the dessert to reflect the ancient Lithuanian luxury and to be mysteriously covered with silver fog at the same time.

JULIA JANUSDessert for Jo Malonė Bakery

Third restaurant “Režisierius” birthday which took place a couple of weeks ago, presented a few news to culinary world. Not only 8 new cocktails but also “Jo Malonė by Režisierius” desserts were presented. A new unseen, grey-white dessert looking like taken straight out of colorless Hollywood movie twinkled among them. “How is it called?” –  the guests kept asking trying to relate the dessert with some actor, director or movie as it is usual for these desserts. The answer was a bit surprising: “Julia Janus”. Confused guests asked to repeat the name thinking they misheard it. “You heard it correctly, this time the dessert was inspired by a well known designer”, - Andrius Bakanas and Eimantas Navikauskas, two owners of “Režisierius” and event organizers admitted.

Fans of Julija Janus keep watching her inclination to cuisine. The number of fashionable kitchen accessories in “Julia Janus” shops keeps increasing, a new series of “Fashion and Food” videos was started together with well known Lithuanian chefs and if that’s not enough, the book of the same name was published, connecting culinary and design to one place. However, culinary is something new and unusual to the designer. Still, Andrius Bakanas states that this sweet designer’s inclination from fashion design was something you could expect.

“Before the opening of “Jo Malonė” we went to Paris for trainings. We visited more than 50 best and well known bakeries and dessert boutiques there. Paris was the place where we saw designers and confectioners collaborations for the first time. That’s how the idea of creating a dessert together with a designer was born, - says A. Bakanas – When creating desserts, we pay lots of attention not only to their taste but also to the appearance. We can say that every dessert is a piece of art. Julija Janus is closely and probably closest of all Lithuanian designers related with culinary, therefore we presented our idea to her and she liked it.”

Eimantas Navikauskas admits that a team collaboration rather than a one-man job was felt when creating the dessert: Julija Janus indicated the design elements, colors and certain examples, told the direction of her design and left the implementation for the bakery’s team. “Firstly we agreed on the taste, - says E. Navikauskas, - then we continued with the design.” After endless trials best desserts were selected and presented to the designer. When both sides liked the result and matched the opinions, a tart with sable cookie, black currant ganache, raspberry mousseir and black currant jam was born.

Julija Janus tells that it was an interesting and new experience to contribute to the creation of the dessert. The design of the dessert and its similarity to “Julia Janus” style was the most important to the designer. “When we met with “Jo Malonė” team, we talked a lot about the style and the direction of my brand. I stated my philosophy to them which is oriented to the Balts and their art. I wanted the dessert to reflect the ancient Lithuanian luxury and to be mysteriously covered with silver fog at the same time. I think the confectioners were perfect in implementing the design of the dessert“ – says the designer.

The pastry is characterized by clear and strong raspberry and black currant taste which is felt in four textures: chips, ganache, jam and mousse. The dessert has a little secret – an ingredient which everybody has to try themselves. The dessert is perfect both for men and women. It costs 4,50 Eur.

A real cuisine lover Julija Janus left an open question: will it stop with only one dessert? The designer denies it saying that she plans implementation of grand ideas: “We have serious plans to open a hybrid space where fashion and food would meet. How will that look? It will be a restaurant in a clothing store or vice versa.” The designer says that in such space people should feel like home: they could relax, chat and at the same time feel exclusive wearing the right piece of clothing, tasting and smelling new flavors.

You can try “Julia Janus” dessert in “Jo Malonė” bakery in Islandijos pl. 32, Kaunas.

Full article: http://vmgonline.lt/naujas-dizaineres-julijos-janus-amplua-sukure-deserta-jo-malones-desertinei/

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