Let’s help those who are in despair, fear and darkness, and give them hope to come back as winners.

Julia Janus Invites to Gift Hope

Julia Janus invites all of You to join and be a part of our community as an ambassador by donating and giving HOPE.

nuotr. Olga Posaškova

It is not unusual for us humans to not notice how much bad energy we spread to the world by complaining about various problems be it personal or concerning the world or our land, Lithuania. If we were to convert this energy into something more positive and use it for a good cause, the world and Lithuania itself would definitely be a better place to live and to be in.


As Christmas is coming, many workplaces celebrate it and have a tradition to exchange small gifts amongst each other. However, sometimes it can be quite hard to spend that little amount of money on something meaningful and truly useful.

To many people, Cancer is something that seems so far away, yet many of us all have personally dealt or have had to encounter it amongst our family or loved ones. Cancer is a frightening and life-ruining diagnosis and the majority of our doctors have never been taught on how to help diagnosed people emotionally and mentally (how to not drown in depression, to not give up and find hope and strength to treat it).

nuotr. Olga Posaškova

St. Francis Cancer Support Center in Klaipeda is a non-profit public body who helps people to cope with the diagnosis, teaches them how to stimulate the body’s self-healing and provides consolation. At the moment the center and its staff are maintained by charity funds, which are collected from the Run for Hope marathon and other sports contests and various events. This summer Julia Janus went to meet the patients of the center. “They are women, who share the same diagnosis but they experiencing different stages: some have been diagnosed recently, others go to chemotherapy and some are already recovering. We talked about beauty and its different meanings. I made them a promise that I will be coming back again only this time – with an idea for support.”

Most of us will soon be swarming into shops to buy Christmas presents for the people we care about. Julia Janus is not inviting people to stores to buy clothes, we are inviting You to come for a good cause to give hope for those in need.

In partnership with the St. Francis Cancer Support Center, we have created and made 1000 bracelets called HOPE. This is our Christmas volunteering project. Instead of exchanging gifts we united for this amazing cause. You can find the bracelets in all our JULIA JANUS stores and on our website www.juliajanus.com. By purchasing this bracelet, You will donate hope for the people who need it in their lives. The price of the bracelet is 5€. The manufactory price is 65 euro cents and 87 euro cents will go to taxes. The rest of the profit will go directly to the St. Francis Cancer Support Center.


By reading this, You are already participating in this project. We thank You.

nuotr. Olga Posaškova

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