We live in 2018 – there are more important things than effective, but restrictive clothing

Julia Janus is becoming a platform, representing fashion era without discrimination

Julia Janus fashion brand is already present in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, Russia, Greece, Latvia and even a few boutiques in China. With its bold ideas, genuine Baltic identity and strong views towards different body shapes, the brand is known not only for its avant-garde style clothing collections, available in a wide range of sizes, but also handcrafted accessories and home decor. This time, Julia Janus is taking a surprising new step in the fashion world.

During the festive season, Julia Janus opened up a new store – this time, a unique pop-up in the shopping mall “Panorama”.  It’s the latest addition to other four concept stores, an outlet and international e-shop. The pop-up shop will be there for a limited amount of time, after which it will be transformed into an extra-ordinary fashion and lifestyle concept store, the first one in Lithuania.

The newly opened pop-up store has a distinct character – edgy, cyber-like interior design and larger than usual menswear collection. 

"Before establishing Julia Janus concept to offer avant-garde fashion to a wider audience, I have worked for a number of fashion brands, I saw the stagnant division between “standard” and “different”. Everyone is being discriminated, especially the one, who falls in-between – the one, who’s wearing the last size of the petite range, or the first ones in the bigger sizing. As I relate to this group of people, I couldn't stand the inequality any longer, so I decided to fight back the system and the industry itself”, says the designer Julia Janus about the inspiration behind her brand.“I would rather leave longer sleeves and trouser legs, so that we could adjust it for a customer free of charge, than making someone feel uncomfortable. Even though our ranges are available in many sizes we still want to offer our customer a tailor-made comfort. Our clothes are made in the highest quality textiles, so that they are extremely comfy. We live in 2018 – there are more important things than effective, but restrictive clothing.”

By opening the sixth store in Vilnius, the brand is changing its present structure - three new brands will be featured in all the stores. All three are known in Lithuania - two for their accessories for women and men, and one skincare brand for men. Their products will expand the current urban-style and modern lifestyle products already available in stores. “We came up with an idea to become a platform for fashion and accessories without discrimination. We will offer an even wider range from different brands, relevant to our customer”, states designer Julia Janus. 

All Julia Janus stores, including the e-shop www.juliajanus.lt already have “Gėda Pelėda” designer handbags, clutches, key wallets as well as card cases. Six different unisex design wristbands made by “The Dark” designers are made exclusively for Julia Janus and are available in stores. 

Good news to all the classy beardies too! A natural, luxury skincare for the man of today “Big Boy” is a collaboration between Italian and Lithuanian barbers. You can find them all in Julia Janus stores now.

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