“We don’t need other worlds. We need a mirror"

Julia Janus SS2018 collection SOLARIS

„Julia Janus“ mission – to create progressive style without size or age limits, to lead people to new horizons towards self-understanding and development. Thus, the new spring-summer ’18 collection is like an answer to questions, that have become important in this age of constant distraction and isolation.

"To create a collection where the person would feel at comfort with oneself made me to, first of all, look deeper into the human psychology – the relation with the environment, knowledge that not everyone is a celebrity from the glossy magazines or screens. I have an audience, which not only sees but also feels and perceives the world differently than the mass”, - stated designer.

Nowadays, the feeling of emptiness or demotivation is known to most, probably including the reader of this article. This was also the topic which was tapped into by the science fiction movie called Solaris, produced by the Russian director Andrey Tarkovsky back in 1972. It tells a story about a group of researchers from Earth, who are exploring a mystical planet Solaris which is covered by the ocean. By no coincidence, the natural element – Ocean – urges the person to understand one’s own mission and take the most breathtaking journey.


Who could lead in this great journey? Fashion. Every new collection by ,,Julia Janus” reminds us about the importance of self-respect – only then we could go on a further journey of personal development. The motto of the latest collection is – “We don’t need other worlds. We need a mirror", which has been repeated throughout the entire collection, both as print and embroidery. This could also be a motto for 21th century lifestyle, directing the individual towards a more thoughtful path. Images of the thick waves, sparkling water, reminiscent of the boundless ocean are like a natural mirror of nature, reassuring man and helping one to feel in harmony with nature. The images are complemented by the dark, spectacular fragments of woodchuck and leafy flora, which Julia transforms onto her prints.

Looking at women’s collection, one could notice flowing silhouettes, falling draperies, floral motives, pastel colours, all presenting that elegance can also be cosy. Clothes should not put a wearer into a shade, but rather help to express oneself. Fabrics that are used in collection are natural, plastic, wrinkled, softened by employing a special technology – linen, silk, viscose, cotton, they all bring a sense of lightness and freedom. Tree leaf pattern is an outstanding piece of the collection, just like in the nature, where water, flora and stones have a variety of shades. Generally, the main feature of ,,Julia Janus” clothing is being close to the nature, a feeling of cosiness.

Menswear on the other hand, is dominated by earthy colours, more geometrical shapes. A modern man – city nomad in a need of clothing which would resemble a comfortable and unpretentious uniform. Pieces for men feature moderate asymmetry and details that allow freedom of movement. Other important details – futuristic silhouettes, like the progress of humanity and astronauts costumes from A. Tarkovsky’s film.

 As usual, collection is accompanied with accessories - leather bracelets decorated with metal or ‘frozen’ pine needles, and footwear - minimalistic sandals or moccasins, which help to complete the look of an alternative, progressive modern urban culture.

New spring-summer collection could already be found in all “Julia Janus” stores in Lithuania and partner stores abroad, including brand’s own e-shop.

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