You deserve a vivid color and your size does not really matter.



Collaboration with stylist Lina Bernotaitytė

Do you think that if you are wearing size L-XL, vivid colors with the colorful pair of leggings are not for you?

You are wrong.

Let's talk!

„Your size is medium or bigger. You wear dark colors. You hope that soon you will get skinny, this is why you do not let yourself to wear something brighter. You think it makes me look fat. You think that you will look like a heavy big stain.

I want to show you that you are wrong. I want to show you that you deserve a vivid color and your size does not really matter here. Vivid colors make you look more alive, fearless, gives you a mood lift and brings positive vibes to you and your surroundings. It builds and shows your interesting, brave and positive inner personality. It is joyful!

In every JULIA JANUS collection, there are some clothing pieces of bright colors. Even though the brand‘s clothing is known for dark, nature-inspired spectrum of colors, you will always find here something white, blue, green or red.

Every collection is made in a way that women of all shapes could find their perfect silhouette. There are only a few silhouettes that fit everyone.

This red dress is one of them.

It has a loose silhouette, slightly widening at the bottom of it, sleeves made from jersey which gives comfort. The hood balances out the overly raspberry color. Due leggings add an interesting vibe to the dress, brings an emotion of „superhero“. When we are looking at you, we think that you can do anything!"

Currently, we are collaborating with famous stylists to present innovative, sometimes unexpected sets of outfits. You will see how style has no limits in JULIA JANUS fashion. You will experience how proper and an elegant set can reveal your inner feeling of freedom.

Meet Lina, also known as LENA LISABONA, stylist, and owner of "Abstract Stylist" website. She has been working in the fashion industry for 7 years, the majority of the time she has been working as the fashion editor in "L’Oficciel Mada". Currently, Lina is searching for new talents and helps people to discover Baltic countries once more. She is still collaborating with Lithuania’s biggest magazines and creates fashion photoshoots and articles. Lina is working not only with individual clients, but also helps brands to create an image in social media.

"The biggest myth - women of bigger sizes cannot wear a vivid color or any color apart black. Colors are for enhancing your choices visually. The form of a clothing and its' color reflect your character. Vivid colors are for everyone."

JULIA JANUS clothing sizes from XXXL to S. 



Due leggings CORMORANT

Sandals FLASH

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