These deserts are a true decoration for a festive table.

Fashion&Food vol. 4 recipes

Julia Janus is a Baltic fashion and lifestyle brand for men and women. We present the fashion collections in a stylized kitchen dining atmosphere. We are captured by the food culture of the North, and are involved with the most famous food chefs in those countries. Synergy and cultural bridges are found between fashion and food, and together, we are publishing our lifestyle books.

First time we offer to you a chance not only to admire the dishes in pages of "Fashion&Food", but to try preparing them yourself. This time we introduce to you three recipes of Linas Samėnas from the latest "Fashion&Food" edition. These dishes are relatively easy and quick to cook, but they won't leave anyone indifferent. Get some ideas from these serving examples- these deserts are a true decoration for a festive table.


Varškėčiai (Curd Dumplings) with poppyseeds :

1 egg

500 g curd

1 spoon of wheat flour

2 spoons of sugar

Poppyseed coating:

100 g. oat milk yogurt


5 g. agar


Mix the first products listed, form into curd dumplings. Since the batter is liquidy, leave the dumplings standing in flour overnight. Then cook the poppyseeds until boiling. After cooking, fry the poppyseeds, and then coat the curd dumplings.

Mix the yogurt with the agar, heat on low, and then cool the mixture.


Blackberry Sorbet:

250 g. sugar

240 g. water

400 g. frozen blackberries

2 spoons of lemon juice

2 spoons of blackberry brandy

Add all ingredients into a pot and bring to a boil. Cool mixture. Then add the mixture into an ice cream machine and chill for about 30 min..


Blackberry Jelly:

125 g. blackberry juice

5 g. agar

Mix the agar with the juice, and heat until the agar melts. Cool in a mold of choice.


Honey Ice Cream:

4 eggs

2/3 glass of honey

150 ml. milk

200 ml. whipping cream

2 sticks of vanilla

Whisk eggs with honey. Heat the milk and whipping cream with vanilla. Cool the mix a bit, and slowly pour onto the egg mixture, mixing constantly. Place the mixture on medium heat (up to 80 degrees). Cool the mixture, and place into an ice cream maker for 30-40 minutes.


Griliažas (Pralines):

200 g. sugar

50 g. hazelnuts

Dissolve the sugar with a teaspoon of water and heat until it gets darker. Add the nuts, mix, and pour onto a buttered baking sheet, or a silicone sheet. Cool the mixture and grind into crumbs. Coat the ice cream with the pralines.


Recipes by Linas Samėnas

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