Clothes and food are both connected with one word- taste.

Fashion&Food video #6

At our video blog called "Fashion and Food" designer Julija prepares quick seasonal dishes inspired by the latest collection, chats with famous people about fashion and food, culture and breaking down the stereotypes.

This is the 6th "Fashion and Food" video, where Julija prepares Silk Salmon. It is an elegant dish, inspired by the red silk dress that she is wearing, perfect to serve on any celebration. When preparing the salmon, Julija is using handmade glass flasks for spices, created by her friend designer Agnieszka Bar from Poland.


4 beetroots

0,5kg of salmon

4 spoons of sugar

5 spoons of sea salt

a big bunch of dill

zest from 2 oranges

40g of capers

220g of grated horseradish


This video was shot with an iPhone 6

Big thanks to Stasys Baltakis

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