Prints in this collection create a rebellion among the serenity, revealing underwater currents and their intensity, without which, the road to serenity is not found


Calming words | Mantra | Security | Poise | Balance | Space | Concentration | Water | Earth | Air | The Scent Of Nature and Sounds

Inspiration | The source of the inspiration for the collection - the feeling of serenity. Serenity as a state of being and serenity as an irritant.

Construction | The collection draws inspiration from a vision of flowing liquid fabric. The garment is draped, as if it is flowing or dripping. The pockets and the details at the bottom of the pieces round off, and take on the form of a flowing drop.

Prints | All of the garments in the collection that have prints are our creation. The photograph of the sea, with shades of water flowing through it, and a horizon that is becoming brighter, became the foundation of the marine striped cotton fabric print.  Foam and ripples in the water became the print on the men‘s jeans in the collection.

There is also a very impressive photograph of a hand’s contour under fabric, which creates an atmosphere of intensity.

X-rays of spring flowers. Night vision equipment was used and an illusion was created. When we were creating this print, we thought about a night in the forest, its pronounced serenity and secrecy. In general, the prints in this collection create a rebellion among the serenity, revealing underwater currents and their intensity, without which, the road to serenity is not found.

Patterns | As soon as we had finished photographing running paint, we understood that this would become an unusual part of the collection’s refrain, and that we will look for other methods of expressing this tenacious substance. It seemed to us that this flow and streamlined factor was like snow in the winter, it’s like glue. It’s as if it covers all sources of surrounding noise, and converts it to silence.  This pattern was used for women’s dresses, as well as men’s shirts, using various dyeing technologies.

Embroidery | Metallic silver-shaded threads are embroidered in sedge. The summer breeze in the bulrush and the fields, are a symbol in the leaves of the trees. This recreates blissful memories of peace.

Materiality of the fabrics | The fabrics are ductile, natural, wrinkled and softened by a special technology. We played with materiality a great deal by mixing sheer with rigid, shiny with matte, and hard with soft. This is how we tried to relate the fragility of the topic of serenity. The composition of the fabrics in the main collection are: wool, silk, cotton, viscose, linen, and tencel. Also, water-resistant polyurethane fiber.

Silhouettes and construction | Jackets from the collection are constructed with a double sleeve or an undefined streamlined silhouette, thus trying to create the image of armor, or that of a coccoon protecting peace. The shirts and dresses are broader in the shoulders, short sleeves are wider than ever, and the waistlines of dresses and blouses are lower, or in the usual location. 

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