The latter inspires me cook.

Fashion&Food video #7

At our video blog called "Fashion and Food" designer Julija prepares quick seasonal dishes inspired by the latest collection, chats with famous people about fashion and food, culture and breaking down the stereotypes.

New format, with even tastier, easier and faster to cook dishes, that will excite even the most choosy taste buds. This time Julija prepares a steak with marinated beet roots, inspired by her spring-summer collection Serenity.

Special thanks to studio ČIOP ČIOP and chef Mantas, who is wearing the outfit from the latest menswear collection!



400-500 gr. aged beef tender loin

2 gloves garlic

2 t. sp. black peper grated


2 t.sp. teriyaki

2 t.sp. olive oil

8 small boiled beet roots


O,5 liter of water

3 tb.sp. wine vinegar

1,5 t.sp. salt

1 laurel leaf

2 fragrant peppers

2 t.sp. caraway


This video was shot with an iPhone 6

Big thanks to Stasys Baltakis

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