Julia Janus – no fashion brand. Julia Janus – a lifestyle brand.

Style has no size or age

Julia Janus – no fashion brand. Julia Janus – a lifestyle brand. We believe that style has no size or age. And that beauty arrives at the moment you decide to be yourself.

Our creations attract their unrestrained elegance and progressive attitude as well as natural materials and handmade warmth, They make you feel comfortable and look stylish and modern. This is the elegance of 21st century.

I am Julija Janulaitytė - Janus, 45 years old, wear size 16UK. Comparing to general standards of beauty, where models have perfect faces and bodies - I am old and fat woman. Despite the fact that I do not meet the beauty standards I am calm and happy, in other words I found my golden mean, having healthy lifestyle and surrounded by my family, where I love and feel loved.

Julia Janus brand was created to show the understanding of my lifestyle and help others, who are like me and cannot fit in media shaped understanding of beautiful body and fashionable clothing image. I wanted to give an opportunity for myself and people thinking like me do not hesitate and feel yourself - beautifully, elegantly, dynamically, differently.

Here you can see how good the same outfit from JULIA JANUS latest collection Serenity looks on people of different age and sizes.

Stasys, size M

Julija, size UK16 and Stasys, size M

Mantas, size L

Roma, size UK10

Redas, size XXL

Rūta, size UK18

Julija, size UK16 and Stasys, size M

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