Fashion and Food. What connects them? Taste!

Julia Janus POP-UP STORE openingFashion breakfast

Nine o’clock in the morning, “Dublis” restaurant in Vilnius, Trakai street, owned by a famous Lithuanian chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas, tasty special breakfast created by the chef himself and Julia Janus collection Serenity, hanging in the dining area. This is how we decided to introduce our new spring-summer collection to the best fashion audience in Lithuania.

This POP-UP store was open for four days, people were able to see, try on the clothes, shoes, accessories, get some professional advices from “Stiliusos” stylist Vilija Rušinskytė while having a dinner or lunch.

This is how Julia Janus once again prooved, that fashion and food has so mutch in common, when it is connected by good taste...

Here are the moments from our fashion breakfast. Enjoy!

Photographer: Rūta Kenstavičiūtė

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