Glass matter is challenging, as technology needs time and patience to perform ideas out.

Agnieszka Bar for JULIA JANUS

Tell us about yourself, who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

Born in mountains, down to earth, I am the woman who can't live without creating processes.

I am a designer focused on glass matter. For a few years I have been creating series of functional ware and unique objects publicly and for private orders.

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts E. Geppert in Wroclaw in 2007. During my education, I twice received a scholarship of abroad high schools while studying Applied Arts in the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and the Technic University in Liberec.

I was a co-founder of Wzorowo Design Group where I initiated glass and ceramic activities, designed workshops, created city spaces. Since 2011, I have organized research and educational projects in the Department of Glass at alma mater, assisted and created educational program in the Functional Glass Design Studio of Professor Kazimierz Pawlak at the Department of Ceramics and Glass in Wroclaw. I am involved in experimental projects in cooperation with craftsmen and glass centers in Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey and Italy. I am the winner of awards and nominations: Make me!, Tiffany Glass Kunst, European Glass Experience, Good Design, MUST HAVE, EDIDA.

Currently, I am living in Wroclaw (Poland) but I am working in a few different places. I like to change my surrounding area, especially if I am passionate about the project which requires to move and engaged myself in a topic. It is profoundly important to make a good research and get to know new backgrounds and circumstances at the beginning of my work. I love tasting new cultures and flavors and spending some time in nature, riding bicycle.

Why is there a distinction between glass and any other sculpture? How important is that distinction?

Glass matter is challenging, as technology it needs time and patience in order to accomplish a new idea. Glass is 100% recyclable and healthy material, recently, it is becoming an important and significant structure.

How do you feel about this collaboration with Julia Janus?

Smooth and pleasant.

How did your collaboration with Julia Janus come about? How was the process of developing a collection for another Baltic brand?

I received a message that Julia Janulaitytė is looking for a glass designer/artist for cooperation in creation of glass functional set for her Baltic brand. We had a talk on Skype, and then she invited me to Latvia – to get to know about her brand. Trip was inspiring, especially trip to Curonian Spit, it filled me with many concepts. I spent super time with Julija Janulaitytė. I think that a good relationship is an important aspect, and definitely motivated me to start a project together.

In the beginning we start with a small project with my author glass containers, and we developed Flavor Set and Savor Set in a new version special for Julia Janus. Glass making process took place in Poland, wooden elements in Latvia. Well done process. I like to work with professionals such as Julia Janus brand.

Would you like to make something more special with Julia Janus? What it should be?

Yes, definitely I would like to. I think that glass functional tableware set in the spirit of the Baltic philosophy could be a great product for her brand. Julia Janus cooperates with stunning high-class restaurants and culinary story developers, and therefore developing a new glassware in my opinion is desired and would perfectly suit for Baltic collections.

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