Inspirations - Contrasts between soft and rough, humane and animalistic

BLACK SCIENCEFall-Winter 16/17

Inspirations / Symbiosis between a living organism and smart electronic world, dualism of personality, secret mutations. Contrasts between and at the same time the unity of the opposites – soft and rough, humane and animalistic, natural and artificial, obvious and hidden, good and evil. 

Construction / Combination of different fabrics and layers. Implies different character traits, hidden features, robot and beast layers underneath the human appearance. 

Patterns and prints / Photographs of tree rings, rough brush strokes and metallic sheen altered by computer graphics into prints. Photographs of rough animal skin stylized into raincoat fabric. Framed and tamed nature features in both men’s and women’s collections.

Fabrics texture / Blend of seemingly incompatible fabrics. Coarse, double-layered, innovative fabrics go together with traditional silk, wool and viscose. Velvet, cotton jersey, even natural fur are introduced to create the contrast between the divergent poles.

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