Men's collection is very comfortable, functional and modern

Fashion & Food #9

This time at our video blog called ,,Fashion & Food" designer Julia Janus prepared quick and easy to make Black beluga lentils with aubergine inspired by the latest "Black Science" collection.

Julia Janus men's collection is very comfortable, functional and modern that's why the meal is prepared in her new kitchen made by SIEMENS.



Black lentils - 150g.

Olive oil - half cup

Garlic - 2 cloves

Onions - 1 large onion

Aubergine - 2-3 units

Ground cumin - 0,5-1 tsp.

Curcuma - 0,5-1 tsp.


Chilli pepper - o,5 tsp.

Canned tomato slices - 1 can

Salt to taste


This video was shot with an iPhone 6

Big thanks to Stasys Baltakis

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