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We have less time for ourselves with the tempo of our lives. That is why it becomes a new luxury

TIMELESSSpring-Summer 2017

Inspirations / The inspiration for the collection stopped in the moment of movement,--when a movie shot stops when a complex transport system is created when clothes flow in the wind, a person‘s muscular structure, stairs and signs of an asphalt road. The main idea is to appreciate the value of the moment. 

Construction / Coordinating different fabrics, constructing a garment, the embodiment of moments that were stopped. In the male collection, there is a deeper look at a person’s anatomy.  In the female collection—water. 

Patterns and prints / All of the dyed garments in the collection are our creation. For dyeing, we photographed stairs, and used that for part of the male collection. A moving shot that was stopped ended up in the women’s collection. In the men’s collection, we stylized muscle structure, and in the women’s—running lanes of an asphalted road.

Fabrics texture / The textiles are plastic, natural, and wrinkled using a special technology to soften them. We played with materiality a great deal: we combined several textiles in one style. Linen, silk, viscose, and cotton were combined into one garment and then it was dyed.

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