What are the limits of our tolerance for others?

Julia Janus & Agnieszka BarExhibition “We”

Different people of different body shapes wearing the same robe. Different glass objects produced by the same artist. Different leaves of the same tree.

What all of them have in common? Are we critical towards unique glass vessels that are marked with their author’s fingerprints or tree leaves of different shapes the same way we sometimes are towards people who do not fit the standards of “normality”? What are the limits of our tolerance for others? Or maybe we actually are the leaves of the same tree or glass vessels in the hands of one creator?

These questions will be asked by a well-known Lithuanian clothes designer Julija Janulaitytė, the visionary behind Julia Janus brand, and glass artist from Poland, Agnieszka Bar, both co-authors of the exhibition named “We”. This artistic collaboration between the two will become the emphasis of this year’s Design Week. The exhibition was unveiled at Vilnius’ gastronomy studio “Čiop čiop”.

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