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TIMELESSSpring-Summer 2017 Video

"Julia Janus", the progressive style brand for both men and women, has already presented not only brand new 2017 Spring-Summer collection, but also its video. The video managed to capture both aesthetics of "Timeless" collection author, fashion designer Julija Janus and the style of visualization director Alina Lu in slightly more than a minute.

The video for "Timeless" collection which is already available in all „Julia Janus“ shops was recorded last year during the collection photoshoot. Dense forest in the suburbs of Vilnius was not accidentally chosen for the shoot. It fit perfectly because the collection is dominated by colors of Lithuanian nature in summer with plenty shades of green – from the light birch leaves green to rich, almost emerald ferns.

According to the designer J.Janus, the shoot and video were created taking into account the main theme of the collection – "Timeless" was inspired by going back to the fundamental and real things, turning back to yourself, the environment, nature, and transfering your reality from fast pace to slower and more real mode.

“The forest covered by ferns was a perfect fit. The fact that it was a Midsummer Eve created a special mood. We tend to mistify this night regardless of our beliefs, so we decided to play this game. We were all dancing in front of cameras, celebrating Midsummer feeling and waiting for the night to come. This atmosphere is felt in both our collection catalogue and the video“, - the designer explains.

Looking back to the shooting which took place a year ago, J.Janus admits that the special atmosphere was partly created by the heats of the end of last June. "It was one of those days when the weather is so hot you can only take a deeper breath in the afternoon, when the chill quietly comes up through lengthening shadows of the plants and the body finally takes a deeper breath from the day heat", - tells the founder of "Julia Janus".

The project co-author, reportage documentary creator Alina Lu lately has spent some time filming in East Ukraine war zone. New director Šarūnas Bartas‘ movie which main actress Vanessa Paradis wears "Julia Janus" brand clothing is being filmed there. Still having war tensions in her mind, young director admits that it was difficult to transfer from one reality to another while editing "Julia Janus" video.

"In Ukraine I saw lots of shocking things which had strong emotional impact on me. Therefore I tried my best to distance myself from this emotion and focus only on positivity in "Timeless" video. It was not easy. The video is about spring-summer collection and there comes the gloom... We had to change music theme too as in the primary version music sounded dramatic and created spooky and tense atmosphere", - Alina Lu who also has experience in working with fashion brands comments on the process.

Magical and mysterious mood was created with the help of models duet - a well known photographer Julija Goyd and an actor Šarūnas Datenis. On the shooting site they represented themselves, their relationship as well as a couple exploring the relationship with nature.

“While filming collection videos the role of the operator is very important as it is necessary to represent the broad view - characters’ emotions, image and environment details, clothing fragments, mood - organically. - says Alina Lu working in a duet with an operator Andrey Motorichev. - We both came from dance world, we have filmed lots of dancing videos, therefore strong impact of dancing and street culture is felt in our works. Dynamics is not something you would miss in the newest “Julia Janus“ video too”, - says Alina Lu, who has also created the video for previous J.Janus collection “Black Science”.

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