As the ambassador of this event, I would like to keep breaking stereotypes and broadening tolerance limits.


This year night shopping event “Shopping night out” took place on May 19th in Kaunas, Vilnius and Klaipėda’s oldtown boutiques. Fashion designer Julija Janus was not accidentally chosen to be the ambassador of the event - she is known for her statements about overconsumption, fast fashion existence, fashion industry’s distorted beauty cult, discrimination towards age or body size. The designer’s brand is known for its slogan “Size has no limits” and a wide scale of clothing sizes. It is not surprising that one of “Julia Janus” shops became the starting point of “Shopping Night Out” event.

“We are not encouraging excessive buying. Contrary to this, we would like people to get acquainted with slow fashion, visit boutiques, meet the designers, learn where and how are goods produced and what make their price, why is it worth to pay for the quality and limited edition Lithuanian designers’ clothing . “Shopping Night Out” is an opportunity to broaden your viewpoint as well as find needed and long lasting products”, - Julija Janus told.

“As the ambassador of this event, I would like to keep breaking stereotypes and broadening tolerance limits, - J.Janus said. - Wrong stereotype that stylish clothing is for young people with standard sizes prevails. It is not true as size has no age nor size limits. It is thought that fashion and paying attention to your looks is only for women. It is also not true as style has no sex. It is said that designer clothing cost too much and it is much cheaper to buy things in fast fashion chains. Come and I will tell you what make the price of designer piece of clothing, why does slow fashion and quality cost and how do you contribute to sustainability when buying it.”

The designer admits that some people are afraid even of visiting boutiques because they look like museums and that “Shopping Night Out” is an occasion when everyone can feel free to come in. “Come and don't be afraid of us. Moreover, the designers and guest stylists who will help clients to choose right clothing will work in the majority of event points”, - new event ambassador J.Janus reassured.

“Shopping Night Out” participants will find clothes, shoes and accessories marked with special signs. Julija Janus chose 5 favorites from each shop and marked them with special event charms. “I was choosing having in mind different shapes of people, both men and women. I was looking for the most stylish pieces which not only decorate the boutique itself but will also fit for different people”, - said Julija Janus.

“Shopping Night Out” ambassador helped her clients to shop in her Vilnius Old town concept store in Stikliai street until midnight.

Event moments:

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