Art Street Gallery ARTerija, Vilnius, Dubingiai, Anykščiai


Why are some places in the old town vibrant and frequented, while others are dormant and lack the foot traffic crucial for businesses? For five years now, I have curated the open-air art street installation gallery ARTerija. In 2018, the gallery was created to address the issue of foot traffic on Stiklių Street in Vilnius.

The street had only a transient flow of visitors: people either shortened their route by passing through it from Town Hall Square to Dominikonų Street, or large group tours walked through without stopping, comprising travelers who visit all three Baltic countries in three days, meaning they hardly wander through the old town streets separately to leave money for local businesses.

ARTerija Gallery created spaces, a platform in the streets where artistic installations change every six months. Artists seek installation concepts that synergize with the local cultural heritage. When an exhibition ends in Vilnius Old Town, we find a place for it in other cities. ARTerija spreads like a circulatory system through the city streets and from city to city.

A stream of people flows to attractive, interesting installation locations seeking sights, wanting to see something unusual. Installation sites become a “must-see” location in the old town, transforming the economic and cultural ecosystem there.

ARTerija Gallery has held exhibitions in other Lithuanian cities such as Dubingiai, Anykščiai, and Rokiškis. The gallery operates in collaboration with city municipalities and private local stakeholders.

All installations and exhibitions displayed at ARTerija Gallery are rentable and curated in other locations.