Dinnerware and candles

I created a signature dinnerware collection for the Julia Janus brand with the help of ceramicists Rokas Dovydenas and Agne Kondrataite. The concept covers the whole of a dining experience, revealing the synergy of Baltic nature and the region’s people.

Candles and candle-sticks became a very important part of the dinnerware collection. The natural smell of wax purifies and cleans surroundings, bringing the aroma of Baltic vibrations to the atmosphere.

Secret Love

Does Vilnius have any distinctive feature or story that could become its superpower, attracting people to see this city and turning it into a uniquely shining pearl of the northern regions? I am convinced that it is the Lithuanian version of Romeo and Juliet, the love story of Vilnius’ Royal Barbara Radziwiłł and Sigismund Augustus.

I founded the cultural startup SLAPTA MEILĖ (“Secret Love”) to gather everything and everyone thinking about this story and creating high-quality Lithuanian design products or experiences on its platform. The startup aims for the love story of Barbara and Augustus to become a supportive design for UNESCO’s romantic route.

To achieve this, we need to form an entire network of services, experiences, tours, visual signs, in Vilnius’ Old Town and other places connected to this story. Queen Barbara’s lodgings, images, sweets, jewelry, spa pleasures, a movie, a comic book, a recipe book, a dinner – everything is suitable if it is created to support our famous story and produced in Lithuania.

All my created gifts can be found in the cultural startup’s shop at www.slaptameile.lt.