Skersvėjis Arch

Arch – a stylized golden metal sculpture dedicated to the memory of artist Ferdinandas Ruščicas and his public works. The Arch serves as a transitional link between artists of different eras and styles and the present moment; creating a route between the Old Town and Užupis and vice versa. Passing through the Arch reveals a multi-layered cityscape with spaces and an understanding that the city is an open, urbanized fabric with room for everyone and their creativity. The installation is a contemporary sculptural reflection on Ferdinandas Ruščicas’s painting “Golden Room,” created while he lived in Užupis, Užupio 24, depicting sunlight-lit window curtains in a modern replica. The Arch’s construction consists of cut and welded painted steel pipes. The top of the sculpture’s columns is covered, and the central part between the columns is open. Inside, an elongated light source shines downward. 2022. 40,000-70,000 euros

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