Necklace “Secret Love”

260 €
Pirkti @ Ribas Jewellery
  • Description

    The jewellery collection SECRET LOVE by Julia Janus and Ribas Jewellery is inspired by the legend of eternal royal love, created as a symbol of Sigismund Augustus’ love for Barbara.

    While Sigismund Augustus left Vilnius and started a half year journey to Krakow, he was sending love letters to Barbara Radziwill and a wonderful piece of jewellery with precious stones was enclosed with every letter that became an inspiration of this collection.

    Necklace “Secret Love” – a prelude to Sigismund Augustus’ love for Barbara. The choker made of black velvet strip associates with the Grand Duke of Lithuania and his dark clothes but the front-engraved ring decorated with pearl and black diamonds is created in the honor of Barbara. The combination of these two jewellery pieces symbolizes the dream of eternal love.


    • Velvet strip
    • Metals: 925 silver, 585 yellow gold
    • Jewellery weight: 2.99 g.

    Hanging ring:

    • Gemstones: black diamond 0,01 ct, white pearl
    • Metals: 585 pink gold, 925 silver
    • Jewellery weight: 4.07 g.